The wind chill was 28 below …

b5bc1d7a-2cbc-4710-a0e8-69f65012e302Dear Friend,

John slowly walked over to us to pick up a lunch and then hopefully find a shelter. He had one glove on and was carrying a large plastic bag filled with a blanket and a few personal effects, which is all he owned in the world.

Cheyenne was heading for a church, hoping to find some warmth, but first came to meet us and grab a lunch.

Ralph wore a ragged coat, but at least it had a hood. He got his lunch from us through the van window, smiled, and walked away.

The wind chill was 28 below, and each of these folks were freezing, hungry and tired of walking. But they all knew that HEART 2 HART DETROIT was there for them, delivering lunch and warm clothes, just like always.

That’s what we do. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Whether it’s raining, snowing, steamy hot or brutally cold. Even if it’s 28 below zero.

I walked from my car to a restaurant that same day. I was outside for all of 2 minutes, and I was shocked at how bone-chilling the cold felt on me. I can’t imagine the everyday struggles of John, Cheyenne, and Ralph and thousands of others.

In this time of dangerous, brutally frigid cold, we ask you to please help us nourish the poor souls of Detroit who cannot exist without the kindness of others. Just a small donation can literally help to keep someone alive and show them that the world has not forgotten them.

To donate, click on the donate button below. THANK YOU!!


Mark Jacobs 
Chairman, Heart 2 Hart Detroit


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