Many organizations in Detroit address the issues of the homeless in our community. No doubt the needs are great and these organizations are doing all that they can to serve this population’s urgent needs.

Heart 2 Hart Detroit is unlike any existing organization. We’re like a modern day cavalry that goes out into the streets every single Monday, Wednesday and Friday and literally hands out life-sustaining items to hundreds of homeless Detroiters. We don’t just pass out helpful items and leave. Our team goes even further to provide critical assistance. We have connected people to community service organizations, to rehab facilities, to estranged family members and even to potential employers.

The statistics on homelessness in Detroit are mind-boggling. Of the approximately 20,000 homeless people in Detroit, there are currently only enough shelter beds for 1,900 people. ˜

  • 25% are children ˜
  • 13% are veterans ˜
  • 60% are families with children ˜
  • 50% have some form of mental illness

State mental institution closures, shelter shutdowns and early prison release programs have literally pushed ill-prepared people into the streets to fend for themselves, adding to an already dire situation. So what happens to these people? They’re hungry, cold, ill and traumatized.

At Heart 2 Hart Detroit, we’ve dedicated ourselves to do what we can to help. But we can’t do it alone. We need the help of our community. Individuals, corporations and foundations have the capacity to help us help others.

We ask that you reach into your heart and help us with our critical mission. When you read the statistics on homelessness or when you drive by some disadvantaged individual on the street, ask yourself if this is the best we can do. These people desperately need our assistance because they’re homeless…. not helpless.

Mark Jacobs, Chairman

Larry Oleinick, President