Dear Friends of Heart 2 Hart Detroit,

As 2023 comes to a close, Heart 2 Hart Detroit is taking the time to appreciate
and reflect on the meaningful impact we have made in the community, through your generous donations. Every year we select an individual in need and share their story, to highlight how profound and powerful your contributions have been and in hopes of deepening the perspectives and relationships that help shape our organization as a whole.

Charline has been a friend of H2HD since July of 2023. When we first met Charline, she was living in her car. Shortly after we met, the car that she was living in broke down, and H2HD was able to tow and repair her vehicle- ensuring she would have a safe place to sleep and a method of transportation to look for work. Since then, Charline has enrolled in a jobs program ­­— Detroit at Work, and is actively working on getting into an affordable housing program in the area. We continue to communicate with Charline weekly, and through donations, we have been able to provide fuel to help keep her vehicle running and allow her to stay on track with her goals. Charline was a pleasure to help, and wrote this short message alongside a heartfelt poem about her experience:

“I’m truly thankful to Heart 2 Hart Detroit for extending their caring and helping hands to me. Larry, Melissa and Gary have been a blessing to me, as well as many others in the community. I met them while they were giving to others in Detroit. Initially, I was prideful and shy- but ultimately I knew it was time to reach out for help. I approached them, inquired about their organization, and they happily exchanged information with me. Heart 2 Hart has been a blessing to me ever since that day. I appreciate Heart 2 Hart for everything they’ve done and are still doing to assist me with my daily living. Most of all, I appreciate that their smiles and support are genuine. Thank you so very much Heart 2 Hart Detroit.”

This is simply a snapshot of the positive impact we have been able to make throughout Metro Detroit.

We provide meals and assistance every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to homeless and struggling individuals across our community. Our list of individuals in need is steadily growing and we are receiving more requests for assistance from individuals and families, like Charline,that are trying to get back on their feet. Oftentimes these individuals have temporarily transitioned into living in their vehicles or getting by on a day-to-day basis in short-term rentals.

This holiday season we once again ask that you consider Heart 2 Hart Detroit for your charitable giving. Any support you can provide is greatly appreciated, and will be put to immediate use to provide clothing, hygiene items, bus tickets, sleeping bags, tents, and most importantly, hope to hundreds of people who are struggling and in need.

Over this last year, your donations have helped provide:

• 13,500 healthy lunches

• 5,500 pairs of socks

• 1,200 pairs of underwear

• 7,400 hygiene items

• 2,200 t-shirts

• 3,000 bus passes

Your tax-deductible donation to Heart 2 Hart Detroit is greatly appreciated!

From all of us at Heart 2 Hart Detroit, thank you for your continued support.

Larry Oleinick
Heart 2 Hart Detroit

Fran Bell Grossman
Heart 2 Hart Detroit

No Place Without A Home

I’m no place without a home

Praying for a place of my own

City streets are where I rest my feet

Daily trying to find a safe place to sleep

The night fall is my illusion of privacy

Sleep deprived, napping during the day
is a difficult task

Hard to find a place to relax

Everyone driving by can see me

All my belongings in the backseat, not a safe place to be

But I’m thankful every day I wake up

Because that’s a sign God kept me

It’s been more than a year

I know the end of this cycle is near

“No place without a home” I can feel it in the air

Until then, I will continue to seek peace within

There’s no longer a place to hide behind
pride, this is my current reality, my story,
hidden and untold

I didn’t want no one to know

That I’ve been “No place, without a home.”

— Char’s Poetic Poetry

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Congratulations to Heart 2 Hart Detroit’s Larry Oleinick for being selected as the recipient of The Detroit News 2023 Michiganian of the Year Angelo B. Henderson Community Commitment Award!

Homelessness can happen anywhere, to anyone. It can reach every race, gender, age group, and education level. Struggle is a natural part of the human experience that no one can escape. Many of us are fortunate enough to have just enough security, comfort, and love in our lives to help ease the struggles we go through at various stages of life- although, that is not the case for everyone. Without the proper foundation, resources, and community in place- it is quite easy for struggles to compile and bring any individual to a place of desperation, overwhelm, and hopelessness.

At Heart 2 Hart Detroit we make a conscious distinction between an individual’s circumstance and their humanity- and strive to never lose sight of the ability that we have to make an impact. This means that we do not discriminate against individuals based on the circumstances that led them to homelessness. Rather, we recognize that because they are human, they deserve a chance. By providing regular weekly meals and essentials every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday we have the ability to equip them with a chance to move forward to another day, and hopefully- a brighter future.

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