Donor’s Corner: Aleva Stores – Socks Addict

Welcome to Donor’s Corner! A place for our donors to share a bit about themselves and their experience working with Heart 2 Hart Detroit.

Today’s Featured Donor: Socks Addict!

Written By: Jordan Stokes – Multimedia Content Producer at Aleva Stores

On Friday, April 27th, the Socks Addict #SocksSquad joined H2HD with a donation of over 500 pairs of socks!

Socks Addict is a division of Aleva Stores, an e commerce family of brands, who has been selling high-quality socks for 7 years. Most of their socks are made of Merino wool, which helps keep feet cool in the summer and warm in the winter, making them perfect for year-round wear on the streets.

Socks Addict knew they had to do something to help and give back once they saw that socks are among the most requested items for the needy, yet are the least often donated. After reaching out to multiple sock brands and digging through their warehouse, multimedia content producer, Jordan Stokes, of Aleva Stores/Socks Addict reached out to H2HD with a donation of over 500 pairs of high-quality socks.

Socks Addict wasn’t just interested in donating the socks either, they wanted to be a part of the process and help hand them out, which is why they said they reached out to H2HD.

“I loved seeing that Heart 2 Hart was unlike any other organization. That you not only actually go out to the streets to hand out life-sustaining items, but you also make an extra effort to build relationships, make connections, and provide any other critical assistance for those in need. It was simply a no brainer to partner with H2HD.” – Jordan Stokes

The morning of Friday, April 27th Socks Addict sent over 2 volunteers to help make lunches with H2HD, while the remaining 5 volunteers met the team at Hart Plaza around 11:45 am to begin the day.

After about an hour of passing out lunches, clothing items, and socks at Hart Plaza, we packed up the H2HD van, along with an SUV from Socks Addict, and really hit the streets. With one car passing out lunches, and the other car passing out socks to the dozens of needy Detroiters, the team drove around until about 3 pm when supplies ran out.


“It was an awesome day and an amazing experience. Being able to serve others and see just how much something as simple as socks are needed and knowing you can make a difference there is huge. It was also incredible to see the personable relationships Larry and H2HD have built with needy Detroiters over their years of service. I will definitely be back.” – Jordan Stokes

“It was truly a humbling experience. In society, it’s too easy to look down upon those in need. The time we spent with H2HD gave a glimpse into the lives of those we see on the streets. That connection makes me want to help more.” – Scot Stier

“I feel everyone needs to take time out of their busy schedules and donate time and effort to helping the less fortunate. The smiles that we shared helping others, giving them simple things such as socks was a humbling experience. Most definitely will be back to help!” – Terry Bailey